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We know what works best

With over 20 years in the vending machine industry, our experience speaks for itself. Whether you’re selling a vending machine or vending machine business you’ll get the best possible price.

Quality and accuracy

Often you have no control when you buy or sell through free websites. We’re here to help. Just Now Vending works with the buyer and seller to ensure both sides get the best outcome.

Support at your fingertips

When you buy a business through Just Now Vending you automatically become a Just Now Vending Operator and get access to our support Network.

Seller Stories

I tried to sell my business on a Free Website and all I got were ridiculous offers. In the end I decided to keep it.

Gary,Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Seller Stories

I got a lot of offers, but nowhere near my advertised price, eventually I accepted a reasonable offer, but as we did the handover the buyer kept pointing out minor problems and tried to force me to drop the price from what we had agreed. It became very uncomfortable and in the end I gave in to him and reduced the price by 10% just to get it over with.

Steve,Northern Suburbs Brisbane.

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